Nicolas Tremblay's teaching

Material for the course "Graph theory and social networks", given in the master MIASHS.

This course is given by Sophie Achard and myself. The following links lead to a few support slides for lectures as well as material for practical sessions. The (sparse) lecture notes for this course can be found [here in PDF].

30/09/20 General introduction of the course [Slides]

30/09/20 General introduction to networks [Slides]

november 2020 Metrics and computatio costs [Slides]

12/10/20 Practical session 1 [material]

04/11/20 Practical session 2 [material]

autumn 2020 List of subject proposals to study for the exam [PDF]


Material for the practical course on graph signal processing at the summer school GraphSIP.

A series of notebooks (with Python) for a short introduction to practical graph signal processing; with some theory intertwined with practical questions (2-8 hours of work depending on your current Python level and graph thoery concepts). Find all the material on github.